A car is an important asset in your student life. Here are few tips to keep in mind when hunting for the perfect student car:

1) Get a budget and stick to it.
You would be surprised how many students start wanting to spend a few grand and end up getting into debt for a car they think they want. So come up with a number you can live with and stick to it like it’s the Holy Grail.

2) Narrow down the type of student car that you want based on criteria important to you like distance from your college, space for your student stuff and of course, engine performance.

3) Always keep gas mileage in mind. With gas prices hitting the roof these days, go for a student car that will give you the best mileage possible.

4) Look for ads in your local news paper or better yet on your campus newsletter (they always have good student deals). The best time to find good student deals is at the end of the semester when a lot of college grads want to trade up and get rid of their student cars.

5) If you go to a dealership, always ask for the price of the car OUT THE DOOR. Sticker prices rarely include all the taxes and fees that come with buying a car. If the dealer gives you the run around and doesn’t give you that number, walk out.

6) Which brings me to most important point: YOU are the one with the power here. You always have the power to negotiate a deal, the power to say NO and finally the power to walk away from a deal if you don’t like it. A lot of students tend to cave in to the dealer’s pressure because they are made to feel stupid. If you get that kind of feeling, calmly and slowly walk out.

Happy hunting!

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