You have all heard of the Freshmen Ten, the Ten pounds you gain the first couple of months of college. This is an unavoidable side effect of going to college. Here are a few tips on how to lose that weight:

Go to the gym

It sounds simple but there is no other way. But this time, when you go, just focus on doing cardio. Sweat and get to a point where you are close to get out breath. If you want to lose that weight fast, go 45 mn to 1 hour every other day. This part sucks but this bit will help you raise your metabolism so your body processes energy more efficiently.

Hit the weights

Once you have spent at least 1 week doing cardio, it’s time to hit the weights. Weight training has the advantage of giving you bigger muscles that require more energy, hence boosting your metabolism even higher. You will look better and lose weight faster with weight training. It is beneficial to do 20 to 30 mn of intense weight training session in addition to your cardio. Try to do one muscle group per day. So Legs one day, Arms another day, chest another day. Variety will keep you muscles guessing and tell your body that it needs to burn more fat.

Stop doing Crunches

Wow, what a novel idea, right? People always tell you that doing crunches will bring you that six pack abs. That is a bunch of bull. Only two things will bring you that look: Serious cardio and a different diet. Doing crunches only tones the muscle but doesn’t reduce the fat in the belly. Just do the normal exercise routine and the abs will come on their own.

Change that Diet

Stop eating junk food. Not all together, but at least don’t make it a daily habit. Try to eat more fruit and veggies on a daily basis. A balanced meal is crucial to make your weight loss effective. Stop drinking sodas every time you have lunch. Try water or juice instead. Look at the labels of your food. If you see corn syrup as an ingredient, don’t buy it. Buy organic whenever you can.

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