Finding the right student apartment is crucial. With a tight student budget and specific needs in terms of location (the closer to school and public transportation, the better!), students have to be extra cautious of what they do. So here are a few tips on how to find the right student apartment:

1) Come up with a budget of how much you can afford. Always include expenses like utilities and phone.

2) Look for locations that are going to be near your school or at least to public transportation. As a rule of thumb, never live more 30 min away from your school.

3) Look for student apartment listings in your local newspaper, at your school’s housing office and most importantly online.

4) Know your surroundings! Once you have found the student apartment you are interested in, do a drive by of the location you are interested in. No point in going to visit a student apartment in a shady neighborhood.

5) When visiting a student apartment, always inspect everything. Even if it looks good, check the hidden places to see if everything is OK: so check the pipes to see if they are not rusted, bang on the walls to see if they are too thin, etc…

6) Go with another student friend who is not going to live with you and ask for their honest opinion. They might see some things that you didn’t notice.

7) NEVER under any circumstances visit a student apartment at night time. First of all, it’s dangerous. Second of all, you might not be able to judge the real state of the place.

8 ) Don’t let the landlord pressure you into giving a firm commitment right away. Even if you like it, don’t jump on it right away. Ask for a day of reflection. It’s risky but it will allow you to think it over and make an informed decision.

Happy hunting!

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