This is the ultimate trick for any student who wants to have an easy semester in college. It requires two simple things: Taking an online class and taking advantage of your college’s Credit/No Credit policy (or sometimes also called a pass/no pass policy).

To illustrate this miracle of college life, I will tell you the story of Dan:

Dan is a Junior college student. He has a part-time job at the student bookstore, a demanding girlfriend and a lot of work for his classes.
He is taking 12 units this semester but he is having a tough time juggling all the priorities in his life. What can he do to make is life easier?

Online courses

He tries to find out if he can take any of his classes online. More and more colleges offer this easy alternative to real life classes. And the sweet part about it is that everything is online, even the exams. He enrolls in an online class, which leaves only 9 units of classes to go to on campus. That’s where the Credit/No Credit policy comes in.

Credit/No Credit policy

This is a policy that exists in every college and although there are some differences, most of them are pretty much the same: They allow you to take one or two classes without having to get a grade for it, just a Credit/No Credit. This is awesome because you only need a C to have a credit. It doesn’t even matter if you get an A, you will still get a Credit. So you only need to make the minimum necessary to get a C and you are golden. Now wouldn’t that be an easy college semester, Dan?

So here is Dan with only 6 units of actual class that he has to work for this semester. The rest is a manageable breeze.

Note: the sweet thing is when you can take two classes Credit/No Credit and an online class. My god, how much easier can a semester be?

So here you go, Students. An easy college semester on the house.

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