College dating is not an easy thing in college or anywhere else. But just because college dating is hard doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Here are a few proven and effective college dating techniques that you can use in order to get a date:

Date in College Tip#1

Don’t try to date. This might seem counter-intuitive but it is the first thing to do. Don’t try to find or get a date. People who try have an air of desperation about them that is actually unappealing. So be cool and act like you are not really interested. Nothing is more attractive that somebody that seems unattainable.

Date in College Tip#2

Get charismatic. Once you stop trying to date, you start to develop an attitude that screams coolness and that attracts attention without seeming to try. This little bit is called charisma. So walk like you are never in any hurry. Listen like you are really interested. Smile like you find things amusing.

Date in College Tip#3

Use silence as your friend. When talking to your potential date, don’t be afraid of silences. People tend to panic when there is silence in a conversation. Use those silences by acting like you are thinking of something but you don’t want to say it. That will actually push your potential date to break the silence giving you the upper hand.

Date in College Tip#4

Always talk about the other person. 90% of the conversation should be about the person you are interested in. Always act like their opinion is important to you. People respond very well to that attentive attitude. Basically college dating is about others, not yourself.

Date in College Tip#5

Know yourself. This might sound out of context but people who are good at dating tend to be people who know themselves very well. They know what they want, what they like and more importantly what they don’t like. This will allow you to send out the right vibes out there when you are talking to a potential date.

Date in College Tip#6

Do not fear failure. People often don’t do anything because they fear rejection. They do not see that dating rejection is not a failure but an opportunity in disguise. We always learn more from our dating failures than from our successes. So don’t be scared.

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