It is important to find the perfect college roommate because that person will share an important part of your life. Here are a few tips to find the perfect college roommate:

1) Don’t look for a friend. This is the most important thing you need to realize. When looking for a roommate, don’t look for people you like. Look for people you trust. This is a business agreement you are going to enter in. You should only do so with people who are trustworthy.

2) Get a roommate who goes to the same school as you. Always go with somebody who has the same kind of college schedule as you whenever possible. Nothing sucks more than having a roommate that is chilling at home while you are at school.

3) Go for the nerds. Always go for the quiet and studious types. That kind of roommate tends to be more reliable in terms of paying the rent and the bills on time.

4) Always sign a contract. Always sign a roommate agreement so that everything is out in the open. This way, there can be no backing out or sudden changes to the agreement. A hand shake is never as strong as a contract.

Good Luck!

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