A job interview is a crucial step for any student out to get a job. Most people don’t really take the time to prepare for their job interview and tend to just spit out stuff that they heard from their friends. However, a well prepared candidate can get the job and even get a good salary from it. And at worst, this will allow you to develop the confidence to do better at subsequent job interviews. Here are a few techniques to pass a job interview:

1) Most interviews follow a specific pattern. Knowing this pattern will allow you to give the right answers at the right time during your job interview.

Here is the pattern:

- First, the employer establishes a rapport with you. They might talk about the weather or even last night’s game. They want you to feel at ease during the interview and at the same time, they want to gage what kind of person you are.

- Second, the employer will start compiling information by asking you questions about yourself. Generally, they will base their questions on your resume so don’t be afraid to repeat stuff that is right in front of them. Always be warm and informative during your job interview.
Note: NEVER discuss salary during an job interview. If they bring it up, say that you are willing to work within the salary range of this position.

- Third, the end of the job interview is a crucial moment where the employer starts talking about the company and the hiring process. If you get here, chances are you did well on the job interview.

2) Always bring extra copies of your resume. You might have more than one person interviewing you for the job.

3) Be specific in your answers. So instead of just saying “I am a hard worker”, say something like “I am a hard worker and let me give you an example.” Basically, always be specific in every thing you answer so that the interviewer doesn’t feel like you are being evasive.

4) Relax. This sounds silly but a lot of job interviews go wrong because people are too nervous to be fully confident. The best way to overcome that is to simply take a deep breath and focus on being relaxed. I insist on this particular point. If you feel good, it will show and your job interview will go more smoothly.

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