If you are going to start college, you are going to need a bank account to receive your parents’ money, financial aid and much more. Here are a few tips to help you open a bank account:

1) Find a bank near your school or pad. No need in opening a student bank account in a distant bank branch.

2) At the bank, ask to open a student bank account. If they say that they don’t offer a student bank account, walk out. There are plenty of other banks that do.

3) You should get a student bank account that gives you all the bank services for FREE. It is very important that you get everything FREE. FREE checking account, FREE ATM card, FREE online account, FREE online bill payment, no minimums.

4) You should get a student ATM card that you can also use like a credit card.

5) With an ATM card, you can deposit money into your student bank account and withdraw money using ATM machines or going to the cashier (I prefer ATM machines, they are quicker).

6) Now that you are all ready to go, here are a few links to help you find the right bank for you:

Bank of America (as a student this is good, they have discounts for students)

Washington Mutual (this one is good for students too, they have students discounts as well)

Wells Fargo

Happy Hunting!

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